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Tae Kwon-Do grading help
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Our aim is to provide for you, as fellow student's of Tae Kwon-Do, an invaluable training aid within our Taekwondo handbook to help and support you through the Tae Kwon Do grading system as well as hints, tips and advice on learning and remembering those dreaded Theory Questions.
Why settle for just being "good"? Be excellent, be inspired and be inspirational!
In fact we are so confident that you will benefit from our work that we are now offering our Sample Pack download completely FREE! No matter what your grade it's well worth a read, you may just learn something new today...
So if you're an ITF style Tae Kwon-Do practitioner then what are you waiting for? Download it now!
Because your Tae Kwon-Do student handbook is written in a PDF format that means that you can put it on your IPad, Tablet, Phone wherever, or simply print it off. Let it be your mobile TKD training partner at your fingertips.

We have detailed revision sheets for each ITF / Ch'ang Hon coloured belt and and Black Belt grade theory revision sheets. These are not the usual pattern meaning and movement explanation listings, but are made up of extensive in depth additional information gathered from experienced senior Tae Kwon Do Black Belt instructors.

You can have a vast advantage over your fellow TKD club members when it comes to training knowledge and grading advice. Not to mention the respect of your peers, senior grades and instructors!

Our product information pages offer a small example of some of the research and knowledge that has gone into these Tae kwon-Do training packs.

So feel free to browse and read some of the taster content for each TKD theory revision sheet.

Please note that all our publications are written in English along with Korean terminology and commands

Patterns and grades covered are:

  • 10th Kup Sajo Jirugi
  • 9th Kup Chon Ji
  • 8th Kup Dan Gun
  • 7th Kup Do San
  • 6th Kup Won Hyo
  • 5th Kup Yul Gok
  • 4th Kup Joong Gun
  • 3rd Kup Toi Gye
  • 2nd Kup Hwa Rang
  • 1st Kup Choong Moo
  • 1st Dan Kwange Gae, Po Eun, Gae Baek
  • 2nd Dan Eui Am, Choong Jang, Juche, Ko Dang
  • 3rd Dan Sam Il, Yoo Sin, Choi Yong
  • 4th & 5th Dan Yong Gae, Se Jong, Ul Ji, Moon Moo, So San, Tong Il
Si Jak!

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