10th Kup Revision Sheet


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10th Kup/Gup White Belt

9 pages of data. Content sample:

SAJO-JIRUGI means four directional punch.
SAJO-MAKGI means four directional block.
Sajo-Jirugi comprises of fifteen moves and Sajo-Makgi seventeen moves to help you learn body movement, angles and positioning of blocks.
You will start to learn basic stances (parallel stance and walking stance). This begins to strengthen the leg muscle groups that, as you develop, will be used to obtain powerful and fast kicking techniques…

Treat all those involved in your grading with courtesy and respect. Fellow  students, instructors, examiners and spectators are the obvious ones but what about Sport Centre staff or janitors etc, they are just as important as your fellow TKD practitioners.

One of the best tools you can use to enhance your techniques is a…

5 Tenets of Tae Kwon-Do
Courtesy (ye ui)
Integrity (yom chi)
Perseverance ( in nae)
Self Control (kuk gi)
Indomitable Spirit (baekjool)

General Choi Hong Hi
The Father of Tae Kwon-Do
(9 November 1918 – 15 June 2002) .
General Choi was born in Hwa Dae, in what is now North Korea. Choi’s
father sent him to study calligraphy under Han I l Dong, who was also “a
master of Taek Kyon, the ancient Korean art of foot fighting”. Choi later
travelled to Japan, where he studied English, mathematics and

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