1st Dan Black Belt Revision Sheet


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1st Dan/1st Degree Black Belt

11 pages of data. Content sample:

You will begin to notice that some of your new patterns include the descriptive ‘stamping motion’ in the English explanation of their respective movements.
These stamps are designed to enhance and encourage the extra generation of power that is expected when performing the pattern or individual techniques. You will notice a lack of sine wave or hip twist in such cases, this enables the practitioner to accelerate their technique into the target area. The stamp helps this by transferring the additional energy and the forward weight shift generated into your technique.

As stated in the pattern meaning, Po Eun is a recognition of one man’s loyalty to his king and country.
Chong Mong-Chu was a trusted servant and advisor to King U (also referred to as King Woo) the king of the Koryo Dynasty during the fourteenth century. King U had such faith and confidence in Chong with his wide knowledge and good judgement that he earned himself great respect in the Koryo court.

A few questions…

  •  How does a Black Belt’s behaviour differ from that of a colour belt student?
  •  Have you ever been asked why you wanted to become a Black Belt?
  •  What is the difference between a strike and a thrust?
  •  What is the difference between self control and self discipline?
  •  If you were to create a sixth tenet, what would it be, and why?
  •  What is the difference between a science and an art?
  •  Can you explain where the art is in Tae Kwon-Do?
  •  What can we gain from the competitive side of Tae Kwon-Do?

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