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1st Kup/Gup Black Stripe

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10 tips to help you learn your TKD patterns
Learning and remembering an increasingly complex set of physical movements is not easy and we are often berated by non martial artists for simply punching and kicking “fresh air”. However once you have mastered your fresh air opponent then you will easily progress in ability and confidence towards being a competent and quietly confident practitioner.
So, how do we get to that place of remembering all of our patterns?

Kinaesthetic Learners
Most of us excel at kinaesthetic learning: through touching, feeling and ‘doing’. As we age many of us become more adept at auditory learning. However, many adults, especially men, maintain kinaesthetic and tactual learning strengths throughout our lives.

Yi, Soon-Sin was born in Seoul on the 28th April 1545. His family later moved to Chungcheongdo province and Soon-Sin started his educat ion by studying the arts, only later did he decide to take the military application course. He passed the entrance exam at the age of 32!

Yi was appointed as naval commander of the Left Division of Cheollado in 1591, when he was 47 years old. It was at this time that he came up with the idea of the famous armoured battleship “Kobukson”, or “Turtle Ship” .

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