2nd kup Revision Sheet


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2nd Kup/Gup Red Belt

6 pages of data. Content sample:

Hwarang candidates had to be men of character and virtue. The Hwarang trained to improve their moral principles and military skills. Young men and teens were often in a position of command. Sometimes boys as young as fifteen years of age who had shown true potential and leadership skills were in command of forces of 300 — 5000 followers (Hwarang-do) strong. Going higher in the Hwarang ranks one could become a Kuk-Son. A Kuk-Son was the master and held the rank of general in the army.

Early Chinese contact with Korea began during the Qui Dynasty (221-206 B.C) ; when Chinese military colonies were placed on the northern Korean peninsula. From this, the Korean peninsula was led into a period of advancement in agriculture, science and eventually a government .
It was through these advancements and growing individual tribal unities that the Three Kingdoms were formed
Paekche (18 B.C – 660 AD)
Koguryo (37 B.C – 668 AD)
Silla (57 B.C – 935 AD)

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