3rd Dan Black Belt Revision Sheet


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3rd Dan/3rd Degree Black Belt

15 pages of data. Content sample:

During the 14th century the Chinese Ming Dynasty had gained a lot of power, and had managed to occupy Manchuria and parts of north-eastern Koryeo. So, in 1388, General Choi devised a plan to push the Ming armies out of the Korean peninsula and counter invade a Chinese district. The current Koryo king, king U, liked this idea so much that he promoted Choi to Commander in Chief of all his forces. Yi Sung Gae was ordered, by the king, to follow out this plan under the command of Choi.
Yet General Yi had other ideas…

It is believed that, during the month of March 1919, 200,000 Koreans joined in at 1,500 protests, over 7,500 were killed by Japanese military forces and over 46,000 arrested. Many of those arrested were imprisoned and tortured along with hundreds more who were later secretly murdered by Japanese authorities.

One such battle (660 AD) against Baekje found Yoo-Sin going into battle against another of our TKD pattern related Generals; Gae Baek.
This battle was the beginning of the end for Baekje, with their forces being annihilated by the overwhelming strength in numbers of the forces commanded by General Yoo-Sin.

As our experience and knowledge base of Tae Kwon-Do grows and expands through our physical training, then so should our education and understanding too. You will have by now learnt, sometimes through painful experience, or simply through your instructor, the concept of striking pressure points and the accuracy of your attacking blows to vital target areas.

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