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3rd Kup/Gup red Stripe

4 pages of data. Content sample:

Neo, or new, Confucianism focused upon the understanding of human relations through moral and ethical principles as opposed to Orthodox Confucianism which often concentrated itself on metaphysical problems, such as the origin and nature of the universe. For many, Neo Confucianism was much more tangible and easier to comprehend.
Neo-Confucian ethics dealt with three cardinal principles
Loyalty to ruler
Filial piety to parents
Faithfulness, chastity, and fidelity.
Yi Hwang was born in North Gyeongsang Province, in 1501, and was the youngest son among eight children.
Just like his contemporary scholar of the same period, Yi I (Yulgok), Yi Hwang was considered a child prodigy. As a well educated adult he passed preliminary exams to become a government official in 1527 only to continue his academic education further.

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