4th and 5th Dan combined Black Belt Revision Sheet


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4th and 5th Dan/Degree Black Belt combined

35 pages of data. Content sample:

In 1948 the United Nations authorised the establishment of the Republic of Korea (South), with its capital as Seoul, and in the North the Soviet Union created the communist Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, with its capital in Pyongyang. The Korean peninsular has remained divided with constant military and political friction ever since.

General Ul Ji seems to have been a bit of a mystery man, there are no verified records of his date of birth or even the date he died, yet it is known that he was a well educated man so that would imply, for the times, that he was from a reasonably wealthy family.

Calculated estimates suggest that he was born in the mid-6th century and died in the early 7th century, sometime after 618.

Hyong Ung chose a nomadic lifestyle as was the done thing at the time for many of those that studied religion, he travelled from monastery to monastery studying the ways of Buddhism and eventually became a monk, whom then over the years, went on to be a renowned Korean  Buddhism Master (Seon/Zen) and author of a number of important religious writings including the “Seon Gugam”, a guide to Seon practice which is still studied by Korean monks today.

Was he a despot or was he a national hero? Yon Gae Somoon (Yon Kaesomun) had quiet a reputation for his hard line tactics and strategies.

Yon Gae Somoon was the first child of the Prime Minister of Koguryo whom sat in political office during the reigns of King Pyeongwon and King Yeongyang.


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