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4th Kup/Gup Blue Belt

8 pages of data. Content sample:

While Ahn was still a child, his father, Ahn Tae-Hun, helped to protect the
future leader of the Korean Independence Movement by letting him take refuge in the family home. Kim Gu later went on to comment about the young Joong Gun that he was an excellent marksman and that he liked to
read books, and had strong charisma.
At the age of 16, Ahn entered into Catholicism with his along with his father, where he received his baptismal name “Thomas” .
When he grew up he became a teacher and founded a school, called the Sam-Sam-Heung ( ” three success” ) School.

Whilst in the Japanese prison he suffered five months of torture. Other prisoners told that despite his treatment, his spirit never broke. At 10:00am on March 26, l9l0, Ahn, Joong-Gun was executed at Lui-Shung prison at the age of just 32. Joong-Gun’s sacrifice was one of many in this dark time of Korea’s history. His attitude and that of his compatriots, symbolised the loyalty and dedication that the Korean people felt towards their country’s independence and freedom.
Ahn’s life took him from educator to guerrilla leader, but above all this he is considered one of Korea’s greatest Patriots.

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