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5th Kup/Gup Blue Stripe

7 pages of data. Content sample:

The Tae Kwon-Do belt system is based on the system developed by Kanō Jigorō, the Japanese founder of Judo.

Originally, there were six student grades referred to by number.
A student would begin at Grade 6 and work up to Grade 1: (6) white, (5) yellow, (4) orange, (3) green, (2) blue, (1) red. Then they would graduate to black belt. The black belts were divided into 9 ranks. A student would begin at Rank 1 and work up to Rank 9. Black belt ranks have been standardized, but student grades have not.

Semi-Free Spar r ing (ban jayoo matsoki)
Subtly introduces the student to free sparring type movements and
situat ions whilst maintaining a structured step sparring format .
This important aspect of TKD sparring allows a student to gain valuable
practice, and, possibly more importantly, experiment with a wider range
of sparring combinations in a controlled manner without the worry of
being hit or injured while also learning where on their own body they are
vulnerable to counter-attack.

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