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7th Kup/Gup Green Stripe

6 pages of data. Content sample:

In 1932 Ahn, Chang-Ho was arrested by the Japanese following a bombing carried out by Yun, Pong-Gil in Shanghai.
Yun had thrown a bomb at a ceremony in Hingkew Park killing and injuring several Japanese officials including the top Japanese military officer in China, General Shirakawa, who also died a few days later from his injuries.
Yun was arrested at the scene of the bombing and taken to Japan to be executed by firing squad on December 19, 1932.
Although Ahn himself was not involved in the bombing he was placed in prison in Taejon. After briefly being released he was arrested again by the Japanese police and stayed in prison until 1938 when, in poor health, he was allowed to leave the prison on bail. He died in a hospital in Seoul on 10 March 1938.

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