8th kup Revision Sheet


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8th Kup/Gup Yellow Belt

6 pages of data. Content sample:

the night is yin and the day is yang; the winter is yin and the summer is yang.
Yin and yang are relative. Yin and yang are opposite and struggle with each other while they cooperate in harmony. The upper half circle, red, of Taeguk means yang and the lower half circle, blue, means yin. They stand for the state of harmony of yin and yang. The white colour of background stands for the peace and the purity of the Korean people.

A tiger and a bear prayed to Hwanung that they might become human.
Upon hearing their prayers, Hwanung gave them 20 cloves of garlic and a
bundle of mugwort, ordering them to eat only this sacred food and
remain out of the sunlight for 100 days…

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