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9th Kup/Gup Yellow Stripe

6 pages of data. Content sample:

It is said that General Choi, Hong-Hi named the pattern after the lake because the water is so clear and calm that you can literally see the Heaven meeting the Earth…

Tae Kyon ( also called Subak) is considered the earliest known form of TKD. Paintings from this time period have been found on the ceiling of a royal tomb from the Koguryo dynasty. The paintings show unarmed people using techniques that are very similar to the ones used in TKD today…

History of TKD
The earliest records of Taekwondo pract ice date back to about 50 B.C.
During this t ime, Korea was divided into three kingdoms:
Silla, which was founded on the Kyongju plain in 57 B.C.;
Koguryo, founded in the Yalu River Valley in 37 B.C.
and Baekje (Paekche), founded in the South Western area of the Korean
peninsula in 18 B.C.

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